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By: Michael Hickey

Making available some of the best braiding instructions you will find. With exceptional illustrations for tying knots.


Tom Hall Books

Have been around for years and have passed the test of time.
They have set the standard in knot terminology.

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Information Page

The information on this page will be changed periodically. Showing how to tie a knot, along with some of the articles I have written for different Knotting Publications in the past, and other new information that might be of interest to braiders.

FREE Computer Program Download

Algorithm Generator 2.0 by Tom Hall

Algorithm Generator Sobre 3.0 by Tom Hall

The AG Regular 2.0 program does regular knots with the standing end coming out UNDER the outside bight.

  1. Click the words "AG 2.0 - zipped file" above to download this program (Algorithm Generator 2.0) to your computer. 

  2. Your browser will open a zip extractor window.  Click download

  3. Your browser will start the download.  In the bottom left-hand corner (my computer) is where the download shows on my browser.

  4. When the download is almost finished you may get a message that reads " is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous."  To the right of this message is the word discard and to the right of the word is an arrow pointing upwards.  Left click the arrow and click on the word KEEP.  (This message is because it is not coming from a windows app store).  This will allow the download to finish. 

  5. From the download click on the arrow pointing down and choose "show in folder". 

  6. Your download folder will open.

  7. Double click on the AG 2.0 to unzip the file.

  8. Double click AG 2.0 to open the program.


This is a computer program that I wrote in 1986 and updated it for the next 10 years.  Then with the changes in printers and technology the program no longer ran the way I wrote it.  Brian Kidd offered to update the program so it would run on modern computers that are windows based. 


This program generates the run list of overs and unders for tying selected Turks Head Knots (Casa Knot), and interweaves into them.  Along with Gaucho, Headhunters and Custom Gaucho Knots (Column Coded Knot).

The AG Sobre 3.0 program does sobre knots with the standing end coming out OVER (sobre) the outside bight.

YouTube Video Link


These youtube videos not only show some of the things in these books but are also a great companion in working with specific tasks like:

  • Tying specific knots, 

  • Following run lists,

  • Drawing grid diagrams,

  • Creating Algorithm diagrams

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